Friday, 27 February 2009

The Video I was in back in 2007 for Dan Le Sac vs. Scoobious Pip.
They are nice guys, I heard the song originally in my car on the way home from Guildford really late at night, it stayed in my head because the mention of The Clash (Joe Strummer was my second cousin, R.I.P). So I got home and found them via Myspace, added them. They sent out bullitins looking for a gal to be in their video, loads of girls applied apparantly, so it took a while to hear back, long enough to give up on even thinking I had a chance.
So a while later they said that they would like me in the vid a few days before the shoot. The next day Jonny and I got the train to Barbican and met the guys. They took us to this amazing apartment over the train line, we were in London for most of the day then home, it turned out to be a really good day.

Monday, 23 February 2009

Midget Gems

At the flat, admiring Los Logos 4.

Churchill Square, running around with the fisheye annoying the public.

On a walk in the woods; I found this branch hanging on its own, also I found a mushroom growing inside a tree.

Stable door.


Windows and light trails.

After the 2006 Sleeping Giants Jam in Brighton we met Persue AKA Bunny Kitty at Tarner Land.

Monday, 16 February 2009

Past Photos

Crop Circle Hunting

These are some photo's taken last year at the shop Hackman and Potter.